Eventide has announced HotSawz, a pitch-tracking, monophonic synth engine for the H9 stompbox.

The algorithm comes with six stackable sawtooth oscillators, three modulation sources, and four assignable destinations, allowing for a wide palette of sounds that run the gamut from classic synthwave to a pulsing panorama of bouncing blips, brassy swells, and sub-bass swagger.

Eventide HotSawz for H9

The modulation sources include LFO, Envelope Follower, and ADS Gate, while the four assignable destinations are comprised of Filter Cutoff, Volume, Pitch and Oscillator Depth. Each modulation source can be assigned to any of these destinations at a given time. Thus, multiple sources can manipulate the same destination. In fact, there are 64 combinations of source-to-destination assignments, providing a vast landscape for serious experimentation.

Too spicy? Dial it back with the global Mix function and maintain some of your original tone. Not spicy enough? Transpose the oscillators up and/or down by one octave for that thick, analog synth sound. Create your own recipe for sonic satisfaction by sprinkling on a bit of HotSawz to excite your auditory taste buds!

HotSawz is available for $19.99 USD for H9 and H9 Core, and free for H9 Max owners.

More information: Eventide