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Eventide updates entire stompbox line


Eventide has announced the release of software updates for all of its stompboxes.

Eventide H9 iPad

“The features we’ve added are not superficial, run-of-the-mill additions or bug fixes typical of software updates. We’ve had to dig deep into the code. The scale of these changes demanded a significant investment in development and testing, but the results should open up new creative options for musicians,” commented Nick Rose, Senior Product Developer.

“Eventide has a long tradition of supporting its products many years after release. Decades, even. We understand people have paid hard-earned money and we want them to get the most out of that investment.”

Changes in stompbox software update

  • Routing Pre/Post – The addition of Pre/Post routing provides two signal chains to allow you to choose, by preset, where the effect should go. For instance, an overdrive algorithm responds best in front of the amp (Pre), while a reverb effect is best placed in the effects loop (Post). Until now a pair of Eventide stompboxes was the only solution. Now, you just need two extra cables.
  • Routing Wet/Dry – This update also adds another routing option — the ability to use one channel for effects (Wet) and the other as an unaltered passthrough (Dry). This gives studio and live musicians options for things like re-amping, testing house mix levels and so on.
  • Software-based Routing – All routing is completely software based and saved with each preset. There’s no need to reach down to throw a switch to change routing when a preset is selected, it’s set in advance along with your presets.
  • Volume Swell – Eventide customers also asked us for the ability to use an expression pedal (or MIDI controller) to control the signal level. The new Swell feature provides that option. You now have the option, by preset, of placing Swell on either the input or output signal.
  • MIDI Merge/Aux Switch Options – Finally, the update delivers two other requested enhancements: MIDI Merge and a Press & Hold option for auxiliary (aux) switches. The MIDI Merge feature will mix incoming MIDI signals and MIDI signals that it generates and send the result to the outputs. This will be of particular interest to people driving multiple stompboxes from a MIDI pedalboard. The new Aux Switch configuration adds the ability to press and hold a switch (Momentary) in addition to the existing on and off states (Latch). For instance, you can have a parameter change only while the switch is being held. This allows modulating wet/dry mix or any other parameter knob just by holding or tapping on the Aux Switch.

The updates are free and are available immediately for the H9 by downloading the latest version of the H9 Control application (Mac, PC or iOS). Open beta testing will begin in August for the TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor and Space pedals with a release to follow.

More information: Eventide

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