Eventide Audio has released updates for two of Newfangled Audio’s audio plugins.

Version 1.3.51 of the Generate marquee polysynth comes with new artist presets from The Unfinished (Dune, No Time To Die) and Spektralisk (Moonfall, Edict).

Take Chaos to the next level with Generate. Developed by Newfangled Audio, Generate is a marquee polysynth combining several revolutionary chaotic oscillators with all the features you’d expect in a first-class synthesizer. Create beautifully complex pads, warm moving keys, jittery sequenced basses, out-of-control leads, and ‘oh my God’ textures.

Updated to version 1.10, the Saturate spectral clipper and psychoacoustic overdrive now comes with a new Anti-Aliasing mode which adds oversampling and removes aliasing when used on harmonic material. A new Symmetry control introduces asymmetrical saturation which adds pleasing sounding even harmonics, and the new Ceiling control allows you to adjust the level of clipping.

Saturate is the Spectral Clipper algorithm made popular in the Elevate Mastering Limiter. Saturate’s two controls belie a sophisticated signal processing engine that allows it to overdrive a signal without affecting the tonal balance no matter how hard you push it. Add up to 24 dB of overdrive without creating a “tubby” or muffled sound. Additionally, the SHAPE control allows you to smoothly morph between hard clipping and the mathematically smoothest curve possible. Use Saturate to overdrive individual tracks or your entire mix.

Available from the Eventide Audio store and at distributor Plugin Boutique, Generate and Saturate are available for purchase for $149 USD and $49 USD, respectively. The updates are free to existing users.