ADSR Sounds has introduced Tonepusher’s latest sound pack for the Serum synthesizer Evil Synths, a collection of powerful sounds to build suspense and shock the viewer.

Priced $15 USD, the pack contains 50 presets, including bass, leads, brass, pads, fx, drums, bells and synth sounds.

Whether you’re working on a Darksynth, Synthwave, Power Noise, Heavy Industrial, Gothic, Electro song or on an horror movie soundtrack we’ve crafted the following 50 xfer serum presets to add impact to your projects.

Inspired by the likes of artists such as Carpenter Brut, John Carpenter, Perturbation, Disasterpiece, Tangerine Dream and much more, this analog sounding pack will add the perfect style and substance to many styles of music.

Also available is a new ”Artist Series” sample pack featuring drums from We Are Magonia’s The Living Will Envy the Dead, featuring 50 kicks, snares, hihats, cymbals and percussion sounds.

Designed by We Are Magonia, this pack is the ultimate Darksynth power tool that you need for your next satanic banger. From the retro-sounding drums of ”Synthwave is dead” to the huge & heavy samples from ”Diabolus In Musica” this pack will bring your productions to the next level.

Aimed at Darksynth, Synthwave, Industrial, Horror or even Movie scores but also suitable for any style of dark sounding production.

The sample pack is available from the ADSR Sounds store for $17 USD.

More information: Tonepusher