Evolution Series has announced the release the third chapter in the Chronicles series of iconic Japanese traditional sounds for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Chronicles Miyabi is a collaboration with virtuoso musicians Bronwyn Kirkpatrick and Satsuki Odamura.

Focusing on the beautiful and rich Japanese heritage we captured a wealth of inspiring performances through the bass koto, koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and female voice.

This combination evokes a raw and human quality that transports you to another place and time.

Chronicles Miyabi features

  • Movement and textural-based performances.
  • Tempo synced to your DAW.
  • Multiple sustain and short note motions.
  • Multiple textural-based performances.
  • Instruments’ practical range sampled for all techniques.
  • Performances that have a raw and human quality.
  • The perfect combination of instruments.
  • Koto / Bass Koto / Shakuhachi / Shamisen / Voice.
  • All samples at 48khz 24bit.
  • World-class scoring stage.
  • Recorded with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Multi-mic setup controlled via the virtual scoring stage.

Available for Kontakt 6 and the free Kontakt 6 Player, Chronicles Miyabi is on sale at an introductory price of $139 USD until November 15th, 2021 (regular $199 USD).

Also available is the Clar-Duduk, the first ‘Colors’ series instrument, which brings a cross between a clarinet and the Armenian Duduk.

Quite often in our creative journey we only need a flavour of an instrument not an in-depth virtual instrument – Just enough to add a bit of worldly magic. Focusing on textural performance, we captured an emotional and lively sound bringing to life the inspiring Clar-Duduk.

Regularly $10 USD, the Clar-Duduk library is free to download for a limited time. It also supports the free Kontakt 6 Player.

More information: Evolution Series