Evolution Series has announced the release of its World Percussion 2.0, the first major update to the next generation World Percussion virtual instrument offering unprecedented sound quality and endless creativity.

Created for Kontakt 5 including the free Kontakt player, World Percussion 2.0 presents a simple yet intuitive way to take control of critically acclaimed sounds through advanced scripting techniques.

In addition to all the original instruments, the Evolution Series team went back to the studio and recorded an additional 35 explosive drums expanding the library to 111 instruments. They even remixed to perfection some of the original drums.

World Percussion 2.0 features

  • 111 Instruments.
  • 45 GB NCW lossless compressed.
  • Free Kontakt Player compatible.
  • Up to ten round robin.
  • Multiple velocities.
  • Four microphone positions.
  • World class scoring stage.
  • Hundreds of MIDI grooves.

The sample library costs $479 USD. An upgrade from World Percussion standard Engine version to World Percussion 2.0 is $99 USD. Upgrading from World Percussion compact Engine version to World Percussion 2.0 is $249 USD.

More information: Evolution Series