Beat Magazine has expanded its ZamplerSounds shop with a collection of Beat’s very own audio plugins.

Beat Röhrich 12AX7

You can order the already much loved and nasty Röhrich 12AX7 synth, which is quite a merciless and rough guy, as well as DRMR, a simple yet effective drum machine, hosting 190 electronic kits for almost every purpose.

Furthermore with Chillout Xpander, Drumbox, Synth Orchestra, Bassaker 808 and their Juno Collection you get quick and easy to use instruments with unique sounds.

The plugins are available starting from 14.99 EUR.

Beat Magazine is offering a 11% discount with voucher code RAPIDSERIES at the checkout until October 11th, 2020. The discount is also valid for Zampler and MPC expansions.

More information: ZamplerSounds