Noiiz has released Experimental Chill, a bespoke collection of 115 painstakingly crafted samples by Kliho.

The pack goes from deep and melancholic piano lines to ethereal atmospheres and rolling foley drums, offering a deep dive into an immersive sea of warm lush loops and meticulous one shots.

A key feature of this pack is the atmospheres, which have been created with a custom built Max MSP sampler, combining ambient voices with hiphop style cuts.

Suited for chillout, ambient, dubstep, soundtracks or cinematic scores, you’ll find a lot of inspiring catalysts to enhance your production, or get you started on the next one.

The sample pack is available to download for Noiiz subscribers. New users can sign up for $99 USD/year or $9.99/month until November 7th (50% off).

More information: Noiiz