Paree Katti Music has released Experimental Drums, a rompler instrument for Windows and Mac.

Paree Katti Experimental Drums

So, this is my first VST. Its a drum Rompler containing samples of some idiotic Drum hits / just hits made by me and synthesized (and recorded) by me. It currently contains 7 kits and has basic controls like ADSR, Panning, etc. I’ll be expanding this plugin with more kits Asap.

The 32 bit version is tested in Ableton Live Lite, FL Studio Demo, Tracktion 4 and MU Lab Free. If you can, test it in your DAW and comment here. The 64 Bit and the AU version is untested and requires testers.

Experimental Drum is a free download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Paree Katti Music / Experimental Drums