Expert Sleepers Ping-pong Delay (default Cantabile GUI)

Expert Sleepers has released three effect plugins for Windows VST (previously only available for Mac): Ping-pong Delay, Phaser and Multitap Delay.

Ping-pong Delay (v2.0.8) is a delay effect. The parameters are pretty self-explanatory, with the possible exception of “Filter Type” – this parameter allows you to smoothly change the filter type between none, low pass, band pass and high pass. Also, the “Filter Sweep” parameter simply duplicates the “Filter Cutoff” control – it simply has a different range, which makes it easier to control from certain hosts e.g. Numerology.

Phaser (v1.1.5) has controls which are fairly standard for a phaser. The ‘Depth’ control is a standard wet/dry mix. The ‘Intensity’ control sets the number of allpass delays in the signal path. The ‘Spread’ control spreads out the relative phase of the right/left audio channels’ LFOs.

The Multitap Delay (v1.0.7) is a fairly standard multitap delay. It has 4 taps, each with independently settable delay time, pan, feedback and output level. There is a master feedback control which simply scales the feedback set on each tap.
The is also a state-variable filter with saturation. The ‘filter type’ control lets you smoothly fade between no filter, low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filtering.

You can download these donationware plugins from the Expert Sleepers downloads page.