Expert Sleepers Warbler

Expert Sleepers has released Warbler v1.0.1 for Windows (VST).

Warbler is at heart a vibrato effect, with additional controls that allow chorus/flange/delay type effects, as well as quite unusual hybrid sounds that aren’t easily categorised.


  • Vibrato LFO, 0Hz to 5kHz and is controlled by 3 knobs to allow accurate control over the whole range, creating subtle modulations to extreme pitch effects
  • Vibrato LFO shape can be selected from a variety of options and smoothly changed between them
  • LFO speed and the vibrato depth can themselves be modulated by two extra LFOs
  • Bias control is provided to change the effect from simple vibrato to something more like a traditional chorus or flange. Feedback can also be applied to give deeper, more resonant flanges or to produce echo effects
  • Spread control is provided to offset the LFO phase per channel – giving a result much like a classic ‘stereo chorus’ effect
  • Works mono-to-mono/stereo-to-stereo etc. Some hosts also allow mono-to-stereo

Warbler costs $19 USD (+VAT if applicable). A fully functional demo is available (times out after 15 minutes of use).

Visit Expert Sleepers for more information, mp3 demos and a link to download a demo version of Warbler.