Patchpool has announced the release of Panopticon, a new collection of sounds for the VPS Avenger synthesizer instrument by Vengeance Sound.

Patchpool Panopticon

In this new library, sound designer Simon Stockhausen paints with sound on sonic canvas using broad and delicate brushes, creating an exhibition of sculpted sound around a musical well.

Panopticon is a collection of expressive, evocative, soothing, playful, dark, exciting, often cinematic patches, also focussing on the granular capabilities of the hybrid monster named Avenger.

The patches in Panopticon make use of re-synthesized/wave-tabled vocal, instrumental and electronic tones, processed field recordings, multi-sampled acoustic instruments like electric/acoustic guitar, soprano saxophone, accordion, singing bowls (also bowed), crystal bowls, wavetable-based drones, pads, sequencers and synths, granular/multi-sampled soundscapes, re-synthesized/wave-tabled hardware synths and more. Quite a few patches utilize the new cross-FM feature introduced in Avenger version 1.3, which allows for frequency modulation (FM) between oscillators.

There is some overlap in the content folders for granular and sampling sources as Avenger converts a given sample/multi-sample either as a sampling source or as a granular source.

Panopticon features

  • 106 tagged patches (including 4 variations).
  • Includes 3 Bass, 11 Bells/Bowls (including 1 variation), 10 Drones, 21 Instruments (including 1 variation), 3 Leads, 11 Pads, 3 Plucked, 11 Sequencer (including 1 variation), 16 Soundscapes, 8 Synth, 5 Textural, 4 Vocal Synth (including 1 variation).
  • 2+ GB (before lossless compression in Avenger) of original content (samples, granular sources, wavetables, shapes).
  • 113 granular sources.
  • 31 sample maps (multi-samples) and one-shots plus some samples embedded in the patches themselves.
  • 41 wavetables.
  • 16 single cycle waveforms (shapes).
  • Library size installed: 1.26 GB (1.26 GB download).
  • All patches have the modulation wheel, the three Macros and both Macro buttons assigned, many also use aftertouch and velocity to expressively shape the sound.
  • Comes in the native avenger format, easy import/installation.

The sound library is available for 52 EUR. Requires Avenger version 1.3.3 or higher.

More information: Patchpool