Expressive E has announced the release of a new physical modeling synthesizer in collaboration with Applied Acoustic Systems.

Imagine offers hundreds of instrument layers, meticulously modeled to bring their very own character. Each preset combines two of these instrument layers to offer unique acoustic timbres. Each instrument has its very own character that can be easily adjusted with great flexibility. Combining and tweaking instruments provides a multitude of sound design possibilities.

Significant optimization work was carried out to allow layers of instruments to be combined and modulated in real time, as well as adding additional textures for a high degree of expressiveness. Imagine offers a complete tool set of effects ideal for enhancing sounds, also designed for real-time manipulation to easily create fluid articulations, breaks, drops, or to dynamically modify reverbs and delays.

It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with Expressive E in the creation of Imagine. At the forefront of a new generation of controllers that provide multidimensional expression, their expertise proved to be a perfect match for our physical modeling technology. Clearly the best of both worlds. – Marc-Pierre Verge, CEO Applied Acoustics Systems

Imagine for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU) is available for purchase for 139 EUR at the Expressive E website and from distributor Plugin Boutique.