Extent of the Jam has released version 2.0 of Digits, a freeware phase distortion synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac.

Extent of the Jam Digits 2.0

Digits is a phase distortion synthesizer inspired by Casio’s CZ series but takes that form of synthesis to the limit. Create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between.

The interface is minimal and designed to enable the user to create sounds from scratch in record time! And, if you’re too busy for that, it comes with over 70 lush presets that run the gamut from pads to stabs, leads and basses.

Changes in Digits v2.0

  • 3 LFOs with more options such as optional repeat and 4 waveshapes.
  • Aftertouch and mod wheel mapping.
  • True analog filter emulation if needed (6dB, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB/oct).
  • Analog-emulation chorus/flanger and harmonic bitcrush effects.
  • Rate and level scaling.
  • Full ADSR + fade envelopes.
  • Asymmetric pitchbend.
  • More voice modes such as PolyGlide, and MonoGlide.
  • Redesigned interface.
  • Even more presets.

Digits is a free download for Windows and Mac (VST).

More information: Extent of the Jam