EZ-SOUND has released Arp-Edge, a VST synth featuring 36 multi-sampled analog and digital keyboards.

With Arp-Edge, you don’t need to load ten plugins and browse hundreds of sound to find “that” Arpeggio patch.

Arp-Edge features

  • 36 presets windows VSTi — Nord Lead, Casio CZ & VLtone, SCI 6tracks, SID, AN1x, Voyager, MC505.
  • Each preset includes 24 multisamples.
  • Sampling quality : 16 and 32 bits.
  • Optimized volume/ key tracking.
  • Cool glide / portamento.
  • CPU usage < 1%.
  • VST automation.

Arp-Edge is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC and costs $19 USD.

Visit EZ-SOUND for more information and audio demos.