F9 Audio has released FORTE Evolution Piano 1: Redwood, the very first multi-sampled piano ever designed from the ground up for club and contemporary pop productions.

The Acoustic Piano is an incredibly hard instrument to capture and until now all piano libraries have needed a great deal of additional processing to fit comfortably inside the power of a modern club or pop production. With FORTE Evolution this has all changed.

Listen to the Audio demos above – Everything you are hearing comes direct from this ground breaking sampled piano with little or no additional processing.

Thanks to advances in sampling technology and a unique 2 stage analog recording and digital post production processed developed at F9 Audio this Piano will help your piano parts to jump out of Club sound systems and Radio speakers without the need for long plug in chains or latency.

The F9 FORTE product line is also about delivering the Chords and we’ve added more than 190 Piano midi files recorded with the Redwood Piano. These are not simple 1 bar loops and over 140 of them contain entire chord sequences for you to use, mangle, chop and abuse. They come without quantise for maximum flexibility and feel. Obviously the beauty of mixing Midi with sampled instruments is that these files will work at any tempo and can easily be transposed.

The sample library is available for Logic, Ableton, Studio One, Reason, Kontakt and Maschine.

More information: F9 Audio / FORTE Evolution Piano 1: Redwood