F9 Audio has announced the release of GRID V1.0 – 80’s Future Retro, the first edition of the Grid Trilogy of high end sample packs.

One of the finest collections of 80s future retro and vintage synth recordings ever made available royalty free. No expense has been spared in the creation of this incredible 4gig + library. This pack is for anyone wanting to add a touch, slice or Delorian sized slab of 80’s future retro to their productions and is without genre limits – Created using the original instruments and equipment processed to fit into a modern production by the worlds finest software.

At F9 over many months we assembled an entire armada of vintage equipment for the GRID packs including: DX7, TX7, TX81Z, TX816, and the ultra rare FSR-1. Jupiter 8, Juno 60 and 106, JX-10 Super Jupiter and MKS 70/80, SH101 and Jupiter 4. Sequential Pro One and Prophet VS, Oberheim OBX-A, SP1200, 808, SQ 80 and a Linn LM1, Yamaha RX5

All these legendary machines were recorded via F9’s world class hardware chains including Neve 1081, 1057 and API 320 Preamps and EQ’s, Processed by SSL, GML, HCL and even a 3 head tape machine, every part of the GRID trilogy has been cared for from start to end Wav file by a Grammy nominated engineering and production team. Just the right amount of vintage ambience and reverb processing has been applied where needed.

Tempos in this enormous 4 gig pack range from 100 to 140 BPM and the enormous collection of material is provided in one of 4 main keys. All drums loops and staccato sounds and loops are converted into Rex files and every key riff has been chopped into our incredibly popular Riffmatic sampler format.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 at F9 Audio and Loopmasters.

F9 Audio has also launched the F9 Trinity Drum Kits, a limited edition free pack that is available till January 2016.

F9 Trinity Drum Kits

A Strictly limited edition release from F9 – Production ready drum kits of three of the world’s finest drum machines, the 808, 909 and LM1 sampled via Neve pre-amps and Hardware EQ’s, compressors processed with careful overdrive and ambience and formatted for the world’s most popular software samplers and drum machines.

The download is available for Machine 2, Ableton Live 9, Reason 8.3, Akai MPC Renaissance, Kontakt 5.0.1+, Cubase 7 (including Elements), Logic EXS 24, Studio One V3, FL Studio 12.1+, and Battery 4.

More information: F9 Audio