F9 Audio has released a collection of parallel processing tools for Ableton Live. The Parallel Mix Suite offers a collection of Live Racks to help you reach the sounds of the professionals.

F9 Audio Parallel Mixing Suite for Ableton

Modern production and mixing is all about pushing things to the edge and controlled distortion. Parallel processing offers a near perfect method to reach the sounds of the professionals as it often leaves the original source untouched whilst adding enormous weight, power and front.

F9 Racks Parallel mixing suite harnesses Ableton’s unique rack and macro system and delivers a suite of parallel processing tools that will bring you instant results. These racks have been several years in development and hand tweaked by James Wiltshire of Freemasons, an award winning and Grammy Nominated producer who has spoken at length about the power of parallel techniques for many years.

As a bonus 4 exceptional instruments are included using multiple waveforms sets and shared sound design tools these are: 808 Designer, Analog Bass heaven, Analog Pad heaven and 21st Century Bass Designer. Updated versions of F9’s Famous Trinity kits are also included.

The Parallel Mix Suite is available for £14.95 GBP. Requires Live 9.5 or higher, Standard or Suite.

More information: F9 Audio / Parallel Mix Suite