FabFilter has announced the release of minor updates for all of its plugins, containing various bug fixes.

The update fixes graphical glitches (e.g. in real-time analyzer displays), which could occur when using an NVIDIA graphics card in an older Mac. An issue where interface animations could become choppy when using monitors with very high refresh rates on Windows (e.g. 240 Hz) has been fixed as well.

Pro-Q was updated with a fix for an issue where a crash which could occur when Cmd/Ctrl+clicking the Q value in the parameter value display of a curve, while the piano scale is visible.

The Timeless 3 delay plugin was missing modulation visualization in the filter display (accidentally disabled in the previous minor update), and a possible crash when dragging the main tap in the delay display, while Feedback Pan was set all the way to -1 or 1 was fixed as well.

In Volcano 3, the mouse wheel now works correctly with curves using the Band Pass shape, changing the slope of the filter.

The updated plugins also include various minor bug fixes, and are fully compatible with previous versions. Users can download the updates free of charge, while new users can purchase FabFilter plugins directly from the FabFilter shop and at distributor Plugin Boutique, or try the plugins with a free 30-day evaluation.

Furthermore, FabFilter has announced a new Learn section on its website.

This is a great place to learn about EQ, compression, mixing, and the Science of Sound. Stay tuned as more articles will be added in the near future.