FabFilter has released version 2.10 of the Volcano 2 filter effect plug-in for Windows and Mac, integrating the new modulation interface design from Twin 2 and Timeless 2, together with a new “wide” user interface layout.

The improved interface makes using FabFilter Volcano 2 more pleasurable than ever, while the advanced filter technology inside still ensures unrivalled sound quality and crazy sonic possibilities. Of course, the update is free for existing Volcano 2 users.

Changes in FabFilter Volcano v2.10

  • Added the new modulation system from Twin 2 and Timeless 2, making it easier to set up and visualize modulation connections.
  • Added a new optional “wide” interface layout to provide more space for the modulation sources at the bottom of the interface.
  • Added new XY sources that enable you to easily tweak other parameters in combination.
  • Added new Phase Offset and Snap parameters to the XLFOs.
  • Added new Delay and Hold parameters to the EG sources, and added a visual controller to make them easier to use.
  • Added a new Response Curve parameter to the MIDI modulation sources.
  • The plug-in is now Unicode-aware and correctly handles international characters on both Windows and Mac OS X, for example in preset folders and file names.
  • Improved mouse wheel scrolling and editing behavior.
  • Improved input/output/mix buttons in the bottom bar: now rounding correctly and supporting double-click text entry.
  • Fixed incorrect redrawing in the plug-in interface that could occur in some cases in Pro Tools on Mac, for example when selecting from the Pro Tools-provided presets menu in the plug-in header.
  • Fixed bug that caused the help file to open only in the first instance of the plug-in.

The FabFilter Volcano 2.10 update is fully compatible with previous Volcano 2 versions.

FabFilter Volcano 2 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for 99 EUR/$134 USD/£84 GBP. Bundles with FabFilter Volcano 2 and other FabFilter plug-ins are also available.

More information: FabFilter / Volcano 2