SONiVOX on behalf of Fable Sounds has announced the release of Broadway Lites, a value priced selection of instruments articulations from the critically acclaimed Broadway Big Band virtual instrument for Mac and PC.

Fable Sounds’ Broadway Big Band™ Virtual Instrument upon its original release was widely hailed as the first and only virtual instrument to accurately portray contemporary jazz, blues, pop, and r’n’b woodwind, brass, and rhythm instrument’s playing techniques in a playable virtual instrument plugin, and since has been used in countless high-profile film, tv, album, multimedia, theater, and live concert applications.

Broadway Lites™ is designed to carry on this tradition. It features one mic position, and most of the core articulations of a select set of saxophones, trumpets, trombone and clarinet taken from Broadway Big Band™ – Kontakt Edition, as well as being powered by the Kontakt 4 player, incorporating the same integrated advanced articulation scripting found in its bigger counterpart.

Broadway Lites is available to purchase for an MSRP and estimated street price of $499.99 USD. Fable Sounds will also be offering a special upgrade price for registered Broadway Lites users who wish to upgrade from Broadway Lites to Broadway Big Band. This upgrade is available directly through SONiVOX as well as SONiVOX’s international distribution partners.

More information: Fable Sounds