Fait Clic Studio has released Saturn 1, a synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Saturn 1 aims to bring the vintage sound of the Roland Juno 60/106, and Jupiter 8, with additional features.

Fait Clic Studio Saturn 1

Saturn 1 is a Subtractive synthesizer with 4 VCO/DCO (Sine, Saw1, Saw2, Saw3, Square, Triangle) with octave, detune (semitones) + 1 Suboscillator (same waveform as VCO/DCO) + 1 Noise oscillator, 1 switchable LFO, 1 multiband filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass), 1 combined ADSR envelope (like vintage synths ALA Roland Juno 106, Korg MS20, Prophet VS, etc. …), delay FX (Normal, Ping Pong, Inverted), etc. …

Saturn 1 comes with 15 internal presets, and 1,000 external .fxp/.vst3presets.
The plugin is available for Windows (VST), priced at 19.99 EUR.

More information: Fait Clic Studio