Famous Audio has released the Bass Music Bundle, a 6.5GB collection of samples, with over 4,500 sounds for any kind of Bass Music.

Famous Audio Bass Music Bundle

This deadly bundle pack contains everything from the hardest hitting and crispiest drums to ripping leads, deep aggressive bass sounds to miscellaneous percussions, quake-inducing subs to sub-soaked wobbles, jack-injected beats to poppin’ 808-style hits, quirky bleeps to insane pitching alarm sounds, sizzling leads to funked up synth licks, rapid fire snares to screamers, crazy squeaks to siren-like leads, earth shaking heavy bases to brain-melting leads, dark monster growls to deep zombies grunts, bloodcurdling screams to lunatic laughs, wicked creature noises to slave-to-the-rave synths, talkbox grooves to sinister grins, monstrous roars to snarling beastly growling, dancefloor-smashing bass-shots to ear splitting subs, speaker-ripping overdriven synth-shots to tearing leadlines, twisted vox to savage FX and more. – so, this pack delivers everything you need to light up your creation sparks!

“Bass Music Bundle” is suitable for a multitude of genres including Dubstep, Trap, Bass House, Complextro, Garage, DnB, Electro, Glitch Hop, Moombah and many more… – perfect for all styles of BASS music and it has everything you’ ll need for your next kick-ass production!

The bundle pack is available for purchase for £137.30 GBP (50% off regular price of the 10 packs included).

More information: Famous Audio / Bass Music Bundle