Fanan Team has introduced an update to its 999 free rhythmic MIDI arpeggiator plugin.

The second generation of the plugin comes with improved “ply” and “speed” features.

999gen2 VSTi creates no sound but triggers other VSTis that opened in the D.A.W. It can generate 999 seeded arpeggios which driven by **chords**. You can set a unique speed, note’s length octave range and diversity (ply) to each arpeggio. You can also switch between arpeggios with your midi keyboard and randomize arpeggios in live sessions.

The arpeggios are always synced to the D.A.W’s BPM and denominator, so you’ll always get automatic positioned results.

999gen2 features

  • 999 seeded arpeggios with randomizing ability.
  • Custom speed numerator + synced to host denominator.
  • Gate 0% to 100%.
  • 4 octaves range for generated arpeggios.
  • “Ply” button that adds complexity to the generated arpeggios.
  • 64 presets + presets banks saving ability.
  • Resizable GUI.
  • MIDI learn manager (saves learned knobs and buttons).

999gen2 is free to download as a VST for Windows.

More information: Fanan Team