Fanan Team has announced the release of a new virtual instrument featuring the sounds of oriental drums.

Sultana comes with 24 drum kits and a built-in mixer that allows you to tweak any sample separately. It features an arranger workstation style arpeggiator, built-in morphing system, a brand new round robin system and new randomizing features.

Sultana is a slot driven oriental drum sampler and drums groove arranger. It brings up some of the most desired features that modern production technology has to offer.

Sultana features

  • 10 drum sample slots per kit.
  • 10 virtual drum-pads.
  • 5 drum element banks that adjusted for a wide range of oriental genres.
  • Drum elements morphing system per element.
  • Automation file manager.
  • MIDI assignable start/end points manager.
  • Full virtual mixer per element including gain, master effect send, pitch determiner, round robin manager, presence, hp-lp filter, pan, drift, saturation, delay, phase and zelda filter. The master section includes master compressor, master saturation, delay and reverb effects armed with a unique F.R. (apply effect a cross selected frequency range) feature.
  • 64 steps arranger style arpeggiator with 8 variations per style, unique time signature, MIDI keyboard controllable variation switch, “jump to variation” system, unique or synced tempo.
  • Random on-off feature.
  • Stereo or 10 separate outputs to the DAW (1 per drum element).
  • Scalable GUI.

Priced $25 USD, Sultana is available for Windows (VST/VST3).

More information: Fanan Team