Tsunami Track Sounds has released a new sample pack titled Far East R&B, featuring 400MB of raw performances of drum, bass, synth and guitar, and vocals.

This is a straightforward R&B pack with Moog synthesizers and guitar/bass. Performed by SION’s father Mario Horikawa who is also a professional studio musician.

Sion has released RAIZIN METAL DRUMS which is a sound pack filled with raging drum patterns, his talent does not stop there. There is a large amount of synth loop data, in particular, allowing you to incorporate the most popular R&B styles in Japan. SION’s own vocals are also included in DRY/WET, with their characteristic R&B rhythm and voice.

Far East R&B features

  • 14 Bass.
  • 27 Drums.
  • 36 FX.
  • 16 Guitars.
  • 32 Oneshots.
  • 11 Percussion.
  • 35 Synth.
  • 36 Vocals.

The sample pack is available at Loopmasters, priced £29.95 GBP.

More information: Tsunami Track Sounds