Farview Recording Rock Drums Volume III

Farview Recording has released Rock Drums Volume III, a drum sample collection of raw and processed samples.

Farview Recording’s drum sample collections keep getting better and better! Intelligently recorded, raw & processed samples, created to give the engineer choice and control. Sounds stellar in nearly any musical style: rock, pop, jazz, funk, R&B, country, gospel, others. A “must have” for any audio professional and musician.

Rock Drums Volume III features

  • 108 professionally recorded, processed and produced drum samples in both gog and wav format.
  • 20 kick gogs = 5 kicks, sampled raw and processed three different ways.
  • 24 tom gogs = 3 sets of 4 toms each, sampled raw and processed.
  • 64 snare gogs = 16 snares, sampled raw and processed three different ways.
  • Multiple velocity layers/multisamples, to give you a smoother, more realistic response.
  • Details on sampled drums here.

Rock Drums Volume III is available for $159 USD.

Visit the Rock Drums website for more information and mp3 samples.