Plugin Alliance has announce availability of an exacting emulation elysia’s discrete class-A stereo saturator. karacter is know as “The Coloring Box” for the ways in which it fattens and adds sparkle to tracks.

Plugin Alliance elysia karacter

karacter is actually a bundle of two plugins — karacter mix and karacter master, the former providing a straightforward set of controls for treating mono and stereo tracks, while the more surgical latter lets users process full mixes, stereo stems, and subgroups, thanks to its independent left and right channel controls or, in MS Mode, mid and side channels. Choose either, and characterful sounds shine forth for sure, separating them from the plugin pack. After all, elysia has a well-deserved reputation for building pioneering products of quality and distinction that really represent a paradigm shift in studio processing; plugins bearing the manufacturer’s notable name capably convey those admirable attributes in digital form.

For both the karacter mix and karacter master plugins provide three different modes with which users can paint project tracks with colorful harmonics — hence that (“Coloring Box”) tagline thrust upon their hardware counterpart. Creatively, the standard saturation mode makes for fattening gently while heightening (odd) harmonics — heavenly when it comes to mastering and also for adding subtle size to pristine-sounding instruments such as acoustic guitars and grand pianos. FET Shred mode mimics the pleasing distortion of a driven tube amp, adding a relative boost to (even) harmonics that transform clinical-sounding electric guitar and bass tracks into bad boys! Turbo Boost mode — only available in FET Shred mode — should surely carry a warning! Why? Waging total harmonic destruction, it hard-clips signal tops like a weed whacker and sounds superb whether used for far- reaching processing of individual tracks or being tasked with severe sound design duties.

karacter features

  • Faithfully models the sonic qualities and behavior of elysia’s discrete class A stereo saturator.
  • Two plugins—karacter mix and karacter master—are included to optimize your workflow.
  • Saturation mode gently colors full mixes and pristine acoustic instruments.
  • FET Shred mode emulates the pleasing distortion of a driven tube amp, adding grit and size to electric instruments and more.
  • Turbo Boost mode radically transforms tracks with severe, asymmetric clipping of positive signal phase’s peaks.
  • karacter master plugin provides surgical mid-side processing of stereo mixes, subgroups, tracks and stems.
  • Drive control adjusts the level of distortion from mild saturation to destructive overdrive.
  • Color control tilts the spectral balance of generated harmonics to create a variety of saturated timbres.

karacter (AU/VST/AAX) is available exclusively from Plugin Alliance for $199 USD.

More information: Plugin Alliance / elysia karacter