Future Audio Workshop has announced an update to the SubLab sub-bass/808 synthesizer designed for Hip Hop, Future Bass and Trap genres.

The update comes with some new features and improvements, including the number one request from FAW’s community forum: Mute and unmute sound engines on the mixer.

Changes in SubLab

  • You can now mute / unmute / solo the Sampler, X-Sub, and Synth engines by clicking on their icons on the mixer panel.
  • Export & import your own Sound Packs to sell and share.
  • Support for Native Instruments NKS hardware.
  • Fixed tuning of Sampler when sample rate of the DAW didn’t match the loaded sample.
  • New setting allows you to disable of OpenGL rendering of the interface.
  • Added a setting that allows the envelopes and phase of the oscillators to reset every new note.
  • Improved tuning of sampler.
  • Set the default trigger mode to only retrigger on note ons.
  • Fixed support for 32-bit VST/AU/AAX on macOS.
  • Fixed support for 10.9 macOS.
  • Based on feedback, changed the default note/frequency range of X-Sub’s main sub-bass oscillator.

SubLab is currently on sale from Future Audio Workshop and distributor Plugin Boutique for the early adopters price of $40 USD (regular $70 USD).

I highly rated this plugin in a recent review. Producers of bass heavy music genres should definitely check it out!

More information: FAW SubLab