FAWM.org The Muse

FAWM.org has released The Muse, a collection of free online songwriting tools.

This is a collection of small experiments in “computational songwriting inspiration.”

They were originally conceived to assist participants in the FAWM.ORG challenge, for whom writing 14 songs in 28 days sometimes requires a little assistance.

The Muse includes:

  • Plot Spline — Framing device for helping you devise plot and setting constraints for your song.
  • Struxxure — tool for uncovering possible out-of-the-box song structures.
  • LyriCloud — Creates a randomized cloud of semantically-correlated words to spark your creativity.
  • Titular — Generates several (potentially awkward) song titles for you to interpret and write about.

More information: FAWM.org / The Muse

(via The Redfaux Transmission)