FeelYourSound has announced the release of The Piano Sessions, a free songwriting package for producers of any genre. It contains over 26 free chord transformation presets for the ChordPotion songwriting plugin.

The new presets transform the chords in your DAW into completely new piano melodies. With a few clicks, you can turn any chords into soothing ballads, rhythmic breaks, and realistic backing melodies.

The presets work for many different genres, including contemporary hip hop, ballads, pop, rock, chillout, EDM, and house. You can export the generated melodies via drag and drop to your DAW as standard MIDI files.

All presets can be used royalty-free for both commercial and private productions.

The Piano Sessions is another addition to the growing collection of free ChordPotion and Sundog preset packages by FeelYourSound.

More information: FeelYourSound