FeelYourSound has released an update to its MIDI generator plugin ChilloutEngine. Version 1.2.0 comes with 50+ new presets, VST3 support, and various other improvements.

ChilloutEngine is a specialized songwriting tool. It turns your chord progressions into relaxed keys, smooth basslines, memorable hooks, and lovely arpeggios. If you don’t have your own chord progression yet, ChilloutEngine can generate one for you. Different progression algorithms make it easy to start a new song from scratch. The plug-in is suitable for all Chillout styles, but it is a good fit for other genres as well.

ChilloutEngine comes with a big list of presets for all occasions. The influences reach from classic Downtempo and Ambient songs to modern Lo-fi, Chillstep, and Lounge tracks.

Changes in ChilloutEngine v1.2.0

  • 54 new presets in three new preset families: dub and reggae bass, dub and reggae chords, dub and reggae chords with bass note.
  • VST3 version for Windows and macOS (M1, Intel) available now.
  • Better overview of preset classes: Click on the “Go to..” button on the preset page to see all preset family names.
  • Use a preview instrument of your own choice: Click on the settings button on the preset page to switch between automatic sound selection and fixed instruments.
  • Chord resizing in Chord Editor: Drag the start or end marker of a chord to resize it.
  • Windows: No support for Win32 anymore.
  • macOS: The installer doesn’t need Rosetta 2 to run anymore.

ChilloutEngine (VST/VST3 and AU) is priced 46 USD/EUR for the Standard version and 368 USD/EUR for the Pro version. The update is free for all customers. New users can try ChilloutEngine with a free demo version.

ChilloutEngine is also available as part of the Smooth Chillout Bundle, which offers a 25% discount on ChilloutEngine and the new “Jazzy Flavors” chord progression package until April 21st, 2023.

More information: FeelYourSound