FeelYourSound has announced an update to the Sundog Song Studio electronic song-writing solution for Windows and Mac.

Version 3.7.0 includes various improvements and fixes.

With Sundog it is possible to develop new chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and arpeggios within minutes. The standalone composition software connects to any DAW via MIDI.

Changes in Sundog Song Studio v3.7.0

  • Full Chords mode: Additional strum slider for each pattern step. You can change both the strum direction and strum speed.
  • Full Chords mode: A value of 0 triggers the “normal” chord, a value of 1 triggers the first inversion, a value of 2 triggers the second inversion, and so on. This behavior is different from older Sundog versions, where every value triggered the full chord. Sundog will convert old songs to the new format so that your songs still sound the same as before.
  • Pattern: Double-click on strum or velocity to reset the data.
  • Bugfix: Cut, paste, delete instruments with multi-pattern data.
  • Bugfix: In certain situations, triplet patterns were calculated wrongly.

The software is available for $65 USD / 55 EUR. The update is free for all customers. A free demo can be downloaded.

More information: FeelYourSound