FeelYourSound has released version 2.3.0 of XotoPad, the MIDI multi-touch software for Windows tablets.

XotoPad turns any Windows tablet into a flexible MIDI controller and instrument.

Over 300 scales are included to build own scale keyboards and chord pages within seconds. Other features: GM drum maps, isomorphic layouts, MIDI sliders, faders, xy-controllers, CC switches, full screen mode, “always on top” mode,…

Changes in XotoPad v2.3.0

  • New theme: Mixed colours.
  • UI update (flat buttons, smaller frame border,..).
  • “Text” setting: Use “!!!” to create line breaks on pads.
  • “Text” setting: Use “!data!” to insert pad mode specific data.
  • Adjustable font size for pads.
  • Smaller minimum height for application window.
  • New page paste options: Add to the top; Add to the left.

The app works with any MIDI enabled DAW and also includes a built-in audio engine with an own soundset.

XotoPad is available for purchase for 35 EUR / $39 USD. The update is free for all existing customers.

More information: FeelYourSound