FeelYourSound has released version 2.4.1 of its XotoPad MIDI multi-touch software for Windows tablets.

XotoPad works with any MIDI enabled DAW and also includes a built-in audio engine with an own soundset.

XotoPad is designed to turn any Windows tablet into a flexible MIDI instrument controller. The app is especially useful for sketching chord progressions and writing melodies. Over 300 scales are included to build own scale keyboards and chord pages within seconds.

Other features: GM drum maps, isomorphic layouts, MIDI sliders, faders, xy-controllers, CC switches, full screen mode, “always on top” mode, …

Changes in XotoPad v2.4

  • New default theme “Studio” for normal indoor lighting conditions. Three other themes with higher contrast can be used for more difficult lighting situations. Change this at “Settings -> Choose theme”.
  • Enhanced Chords Page Wizard: Get the most important chords (triads + four note chords) of over 300 scales right at your fingertips. Now with support for two octaves per page.
  • New “Pitch anchor” setting for the expression mode: Change the way how the pitch starts when you move your fingers (inside or outside the pad).
  • MelodicFlow action key presets: If you own the MelodicFlow VSTi, you can play chords and melodies directly from XotoPad. Load the presets via “Load/Save -> Load page”.

XotoPad is available for 24 EUR/$27 USD during a Black Friday sale until November 29th, 2016 (regular 35 EUR/$39 USD). The update is free for all existing customers.

More information: FeelYourSound

xotopad 2.4 drums

xotopad 2.4 iso

xotopad 2.4 xy