Final call to get 79% off Fluffy Audio 6-in-1 Colossal Bundle


Audio Plugin Deals has announced that there are just a few hours left to get 79% off the Fluffy Audio Bundle Deal, offering a collection of 6 Kontakt instrument libraries for just $99 USD.

Audio Plugin Deals Fluffy Audio Bundle Deal hours

Fluffy Audio offers a colossal bundle of 5 Kontakt instruments and 1 special bonus instrument ($475 total value) for only $99.

Fluffy Audio instruments are beautifully created with a lot of character and nice interfaces. This deal expires in a few hours – on May 3rd. Don’t miss out!

The exclusive bundle pack includes the Aurora cinematic & hybrid library, Stefania Maratti Solo Flute and Trio Broz Solo Cello, the My Vibes vibraphone, Didghybridoo, and the Gallichon instrument from the recently released Rinascimento collection of Renaissance and Medieval instruments.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals


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