Final Effect has announced the release of its new limiter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Sporting intuitive and easy-to-use controls and Normal and Aggressive limiter modes, the versatile Final Limit is equally at home adding flavor to a drum group as it is transparently taming an entire mixdown.

Final Limit also boasts a range of additional controls: fine-tune your mixes with Mid/Side limiting; mono-ize or widen your audio with the Width control; and make decisions more intuitively with powerful audio visualization.

Final Limit features

  • Stereo and Mid/Side limiting: Limit in standard Stereo Mode, or switch to Mid/Side Mode for separate dynamic control over your Mid and Side audio components. This is useful for balancing elements in the stereo field, or for more extreme and creative limiting.
  • Powerful visualization: Visualize the audio signal on a spectrograph, and optionally set the Threshold there too. The gain reduction meter gives immediate visual feedback as you make limiting alterations. Final Limit also gives a loudness output readout in LUFS for optimized mastering decisions for all listening platforms.
  • Aggressive mode: Final Limit has a Normal and an Aggressive mode. Select Normal for transparent limiting, or Aggressive for a slower limiting sound with more personality, slowing the release of the limiter giving a squashed sound to the body of your audio – not just the transients. It sounds particularly tasty on drums.
  • Stereo processing built in: More mastering processes are built into Final Limit. You can also mono-ize your signal, or emphasize the stereo field with the Width dial. Tighten up kick drums by reducing Width to minimum, or open up vocals and pads by turning it up to max.
  • Extra features: Not commonly found on limiters, the Dry/Wet slider allows you to subtly blend more extreme limiting techniques with your original source signal. Use the Sidechain Filter to control which parts of your incoming audio causing the limiter to act. This is particularly useful when working on bass-heavy mixes. Auto Gain applies makeup gain intelligently.

Final Limit is available in VST3 and AU formats (AAX coming), priced $180 USD excl. tax.

More information: Final Effect