Findasound has released Najati’s Rhythm Guitar, a guitar loops library for Native Instruments Kontakt Player.

Findasound Nagati's Rhythm Guitar

The library consists of two patches: 15 and 2 chords patches with different samples and loops that may fit any style and/or genre. The 15 chords patch contains 35 classic guitar loops and 20 electric guitar loops with deferent variations while the 2 chords patch contains only 16 classic guitar loops and has 2 chords keyswitches; major and minor only.

The samples can be played as continuous loops or as slices indicated with blue keyswitches starting from C3 with the ability to tune and select root key for tuning, tuning keyswitches are indicated with yellow color on the keyboard and can be latched using the latch button. Chords can be selected by red keyswitches in real time while playing or from the chords menu where the wave display shows chord/part parameter value for each slice.

Najati’s Rhythm Guitar features

  • 24 bit / 44kHz mono for the 2 chords patch and 24 bit / 44kHz stereo compressed ncw kontakt format.
  • Chords, Tuning, and Slice key switches.
  • Free and time stretch modes
  • Loop / slices play modes
  • Live preview of editing slices parameters
  • mono / poly modes for slices
  • Tuning latch
  • Midi drag
  • Fully automated controllers.
  • Fast loop browsing by menu or next previous buttons.
  • 6 Slice adjustable parameters with the ability to change chords for each slice.
  • Effects rack
  • Purge used samples only (reduce RAM usage).

The sample library is available for purchase for $149 USD.