Five12 Numerology 2.0

Five12 has released version 2.0 of Numerology, a modular music sequencing and audio plugin environment which uses an innovative approach to electronic music composition based on the techniques of step sequencing and pattern sequencing, augmented by a modular environment that encourages improvisation and experimentation.

Numerology gives you a step sequencing environment that provides all the immediacy and experimentation that you are looking for, but removes the limitations. It does this by giving you several powerful but easy to use sequencing modules and a flexible virtual studio environment for them to live in, complete with audio plugin hosting, audio mixing and a timeline for building arrangements.

Numerology 2 features

  • A modular step sequencing music composition environment.
  • MIDI-based Note Sequencing modules for monophonic, polyphonic and drum sequencing.
  • Flexible CV & Gate Sequencer modules for ‘component-based’ sequencing.
  • GrooveClock module for building custom grooves.
  • A variety of analog-synthesis-style modules for generating and processing streams of control (CV) data, including LFO’s, Envelopes and XY controllers.
  • Several MIDI processing and filtering modules.
  • Audio Unit hosting.
  • An eight-part sample-based DrumKit synthesizer.
  • A polyphonic sample-based AudioSample module for audio synthesis.
  • A flexible virtual-rack system for organizing modules into musical parts, called Stacks.
  • An integrated preset system for coordinating all module settings within a stack.
  • An easy to setup parameter modulation system for modulating almost anything from anything else.
  • MIDI remote control of almost any parameter.
  • A timeline-based playlist arrangement system.
  • A dedicated audio mixer with 8 stereo aux sends per stack.
  • Custom routing of CV, Audio & MIDI data streams.
  • Stereo audio recording of the Master and Alt output busses.
  • Flexible synchronization via MIDI Clock, MTC or ReWire.
  • Universal binary for Mac OS X, 10.4.11 or later.

Numerology 2 (for Mac) is currently available for purchase for an introductory price of $99 USD. After January 4th, the price will be $119 USD. A demo version can be downloaded.

Visit Five12 for more information.