Five12 Numerology 2.0

Five12 has released version 2.0.1 of Numerology, a modular music sequencing and audio plug-in environment for Mac OSX.

The first “point fix” release of Numerology 2 is now available on the download page. This release includes many fixes and improvements, as well as couple of handy new features, including .mp3 and .m4a file support for the AudioSample and DrumKit modules, and “on the fly” audio recording support.

A first beta of Numerology 2.1 has been released as well, featuring a new Chord Sequencer; the first musical sequencer to allow you to sequence chord progressions by directly specifying chords as degrees of a scale (as in I, IV, V), including independent control over key, chord type, inversion and spacing.

Numerology 2.1 Chord Sequencer

The CordSeq is a polyphonic sequencer where you can sequence chords by specifying them as degrees of a scale, as commonly taught in music theory classes. The ChordSeq gives you independent control over several aspects of each chord that you can “program” for each step, including the degree, family and type (i.e. major, minor, various 7th chords, etc), inversion, spacing and octave offset. In addition to the standard behavior of playing all notes in a chord simutaneously, you can arpeggiate chords, play them as ‘strums’, or as broken chords.

Check the Five12 forums for more information on the latest beta versions. Numerology 2 is available for purchase for $119 USD.

Visit Five12 for more information.