Five12 Numerology

Five12 has released version 2.1. of Numerology, a modular music sequencing and audio plug-in environment for Mac OSX.

This release includes major updates to the ReWire implementation (including full AU support), the new Chord Sequencer, Sequence Recording, Sequence Groove Timing, and many other features and improvements.

Changes in Numerology v2.1

  • New ReWire driver now offers full support for running Audio Unit plugins, including their editor windows. Other improvements to the ReWire implementation include the addition of 30 audio output channels, bringing the total to 16 stereo pairs. This driver also includes fixes to some transport related problems, and much reduced CPU overhead.
  • New Chord Sequencer module makes it easy to build chord progressions using a series of sequenced high-level parameters, including scale degree (I, IV, V, etc), chord family and type (including 10 types of 7th chords), inversion, spacing and octave offset. The Chord Sequencer also includes options to strum and arpeggiate the notes of a chord, or to play them as “broken” chords.
  • MonoNote, PolyNote and Drum Sequencer modules now offer both real-time and step-time sequence recording options.
  • Note Sequencer modules now have per-step groove controls that allow the timing of each step to be individually pushed or pulled relative to the overall tempo.
  • Transport Loop.
  • Keyboard module which emulates a MIDI keyboard. It can be use for triggering sounds, and for monitoring MIDI note streams.
  • New set of I/O modules for additional flexibility in routing MIDI, Audio and CV signals.
  • New ‘step-trigger’ option for all sequencers to make it easier to emulate the behavior of analog step sequencers.
  • Many general fixes and updates.

Numerology 2.1 for Mac is available for purchase for $119 USD.

Visit Five12 for more information.