Fixed Noise KREATE

Fixed Noise has announced KREATE, a new sound library completely designed and produced by legendary techno, dance, minimal artist Speedy J aka Jochem Paap.

This personal collection of Speedy J’s sounds includes the dance and minimal electronic rhythms for which he is notorious as well as fluid pads that offer an atmospheric sensibility.

KREATE features

  • 4 GB of sounds designed to inspire and awe those in the electronic music-world, whether it be the fellow DJ/producer, film composer or pop artist looking for a cutting-techno edge.
  • Over 500 instruments mapped out in Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player 2.
  • Instrument Categories:
    • FX – Instruments that add flavor to tracks through ambiance, strange tweeks and affected percussion. The “go-to” instruments when you’re not sure what is missing from your track.
    • Kits – Individual hits of Speedy J processed percussion.
    • Konstrukt – Broken down elements of loops from many different sound sets.
    • Loops – For those of us who need the Speedy J sound- quick- these loops will make you dance while inspiring the backbone of your beat.
    • Sequence – These instruments give the user flexibility within structure. The user can alter sequencer notes, velocity, pattern, number of steps, direction and more.
    • Tones – The melodic sounds of the library.

KREATE is to be released in late July. Pre-orders open now at $199.99 USD.

Visit Fixed Noise for more information.