Fixed Noise KREATE

Fixed Noise has released KREATE, a Kontakt sound library designed and produced by legendary techno, dance, minimal artist Speedy J aka Jochem Paap.

KREATE features

  • 4 GB of sounds designed to inspire and awe those in the electronic music-world, whether it be the fellow DJ/producer, film composer or pop artist looking for a cutting-techno edge.
  • Over 500 instruments mapped out in Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player 2.
  • Instrument Categories:
    • FX – Instruments that add flavor to tracks through ambiance, strange tweeks and affected percussion. The “go-to” instruments when you’re not sure what is missing from your track.
    • Kits – Individual hits of Speedy J processed percussion.
    • Konstrukt – Broken down elements of loops from many different sound sets.
    • Loops – For those of us who need the Speedy J sound- quick- these loops will make you dance while inspiring the backbone of your beat.
    • Sequence – These instruments give the user flexibility within structure. The user can alter sequencer notes, velocity, pattern, number of steps, direction and more.
    • Tones – The melodic sounds of the library.

KREATE is available now for $199.99 USD.

Visit Fixed Noise for more information.