Image-Line has announced the release of an update to the FL Studio music production software for Windows and Mac.

FL Studio 20.9 includes a new advanced real-time pitch shifting and manipulation effect (included in All Plugins Edition+), ‘Juno 6’ style modeled chorus effect (included in Signature Bundle+), playlist multi-track selection, improved audio recording, and much more.

FL STUDIO 20.9 released delivering the awesome workflow features you have been waiting for. Propel your music into 2022 with new effects, multiple Playlist Track selection and fearless editing with undo everything. Free for existing customers because we love your Lifetime Free Updates!

Changes in FL Studio 20.9

  • Pitch Shifter Effect (New) – Advanced real-time pitch shifting & manipulation effect.
  • Vintage Chorus Effect (New) – ‘Juno 6’ style modelled Chorus effect.
  • Sampler Channel & Audio Clips Instrument (New) – ‘Stretch Pro’ mode with real time Formant control.
  • SoundFont Player 64 Bit (Revived) – It’s back! … and better than ever with improved audio quality, 64 Bit native and now works on macOS plus Apple silicon native support.
  • NewTone Editor (Updated) – New Shift Markers for more creative warping effects.
  • Patcher Tool (Updated) – Improved navigation with mini-map and grid for accurate placement of controls.
  • FLEX (updated) – New dump-to-score feature for presets with included Piano roll scores.
  • Apple Silicon Support enhanced – Intel VST and AU plugins can be used while running in native Apple Silicon native mode via a process-bridge.
  • Reengineered Audio Recording – With new input modes, monitoring options and Playlist track controls. All designed to make audio recording more hassle free.
  • Advanced Automation Clip Editor – With multi-point editing, target highlighting and link management.
  • Record audio for days – FL Studio now supports 64 Bit sample lengths for ultra long recording times and massive audio edits. Which will run out first; your battery, disk space or your patience?
  • MIDI Scripting – Over 25 new features and functions supporting deeper integration with FL Studio and your MIDI Controller/s.
  • Playlist Multi-track Selection – New selectors allow multiple track selection. If it can be done on a single track, it can now be done on all selected tracks. Including loading multiple Instruments and Effects in one step.
  • Playlist Track Cloning – Choose Patterns, Audio Clips, Automation, Effects (in linked Mixer tracks) and Grouped Playlist Tracks to clone along with the Track.
  • Improved Event to Automation Clip conversion – Advanced algorithm allowing conversion of edited and recorded MIDI CC data to Automation Clips with the fewest control points.
  • Improved Undo – Almost all actions are now undoable. Inc. Deleting Instrument Channels. You did it, you can now undo it. Less DOH! More go.
  • Merge Clips – Now works on all Clip Types. Audio, Automation and Pattern. Including multiple type-selection.
  • Typing to Piano keyboard – Be more creative with your Typing Keyboard. There’s more octaves, root-note selection and new key signatures. +Create easy Chord Progressions on the number-keys.
  • Context Aware Values – 22 more plugins and Automation Clips support entry of parameters in Hz, dB, Cents etc.
  • Improved News Panel – Now with graphics rich content so you don’t even have to leave FL Studio to keep updated with what’s new.

The update is free to owners of FL Studio as part of Image-Line Lifetime Free Updates policy. The free time-unlimited trial version has also been updated.

Image-Line is currently offering the All Plugins Edition for $399 USD instead of $499 USD + Free Urban Puncher, KSHMR Essentials and 5 sample packs. FL Studio owners can also upgrade at a discount.

More information: Image-Line