Image-Line has announced an update to its FL Studio Mobile music production app for Android, iOS & macOS, and Windows 10.

We are excited to properly release FL Studio Mobile 4 today. This update brings a lot of long-requested features, like a Slicer, Multiband Compressor, and a Scale Tool – Never be out of key again!

Changes in FL Studio Mobile 4.0

  • New modules:
    • Slicer.
    • Multiband compressor.
  • Workflow features:
    • Scale-locked keyboard.
    • Scale guess in the piano roll.
    • Gain and Mix controls for every module.
    • Timeline selection rendering.
    • Recovery for recently deleted files.
    • Audiobus 3 compatibility on iOS.
    • Sample-accurate latency compensation (iOS and MacOS only).
  • UI updates:
    • Themes.
    • New shop.
    • Sample preview in the browser.
    • Improved mouse support: hover animations, right-click actions, scroll in the playlist.
    • Computer keyboard navigation: escape to dismiss popups, enter to accept prompts, tab and shift-tab to iterate through controls.
    • Continuous scrolling during playback.
    • CPU meter (aka Buffer Health meter).
  • Content:
    • 2 new free products (Essential Pianos, Drumful Treasure).
    • New paid products (Oldschool Breakbeats).
    • New factory presets (Limiter).
    • New demo project Parrik.
  • Numerous bugfixes and performance optimizations.

The update is free to existing users of FL Studio Mobile as part of Image-Line’s lifetime free updates.

More information: Image-Line