Plugin Boutique has announced a 24-hour flash sale on the Metal Fusion MIDI by Toontrack, offering 65% off on the versatile collection of drum grooves and fills by Animals as Leaders drummer Matt Garstka.

Toontrack Metal Fusion MIDI sale

Matt Garstka of progressive metal pioneers Animals as Leaders is one of the most technically proficient and versatile drummers in today’s metal scene. With a degree from Berklee and a history of drumming his way through numerous genres, he brings a unique take on how to approach the general term of groove in a metal context. In this collection of MIDI he takes you on a journey of what shaped him as a drummer. Expect intricate grooves that touch on jazz, soul and gospel – all infused by the unmistakable traits of true, hard-hitting metal.

This collection of grooves is for any writer of progressive metal or heavy rock who doesn’t mind being challenged or thrown off at times. Expect refined finesse blended with an outburst of creativity. But above all, expect to be inspired. Start writing!

The MIDI pack is on sale for £7.95 GBP / $10 USD today only.

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