Toontrack’s Boogie EZkeys MIDI features a collection of boogie inspired piano or keyboard MIDI with 4/4 playing variations in swing/straight.

Toontrack Boogie EZkeys MIDI

From the turn-of-the-century barrelhouses in the no-name towns of the Southern states, the uniform bass line of the boogie has echoed unconverted to our present day. With one unmistakable chord sequence, it’s managed to seep through 100 years of musical history and come out without the slightest of a dent. To this day, it still has us putting our dancing shoes on. It’s just what boogie does.

Boogie EZkeys MIDI takes a deep dive into the rich legacy of boogie piano music. It has all the timeless 12 bar progressions, the walking bass lines, the breaks, leads and other unmistakable traits. Simply put, a century of boogie heritage boiled down to a collection of ten tracks organized in easy-to-use song structure building blocks for you to drag, drop, dissect and shape into your own.

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