Flintpope has announced the release of three demo-packs to showcase its premium Ableton Live content.

Free Flintpope demos

  • TENSIONCOLLISION DEMO (6 presets) Ableton Suite required.
    Flintpope’s Tensioncollision is a collection of 81 atmospheric sounds designed for Ableton’s flagship Tension and Collision instruments. This is a combined pack of dynamic presets for electro-acoustic and ambient arrangements that will drive your sound creation. This pack also includes a further 52 SAMPLER/SIMPLER presets morphed from these sounds making a total of 133 new presets.
  • 36 PADS DEMO (5 presets) Ableton Intro required
    Flintpope designed over 100 original presets in Chromaphone and diverse instruments in Reaktor then sampled and layered and multi-FX’d them into complex pods of sound in Ableton’s Simpler.
    The result is some very interestingly textured ambient and evolving pads.
  • COLLIDERS DEMO (4 presets) Ableton Suite Required
    Ableton’s Collision instrument goes head to head with Sampler, Analog, Simpler, Electric, Operator, M4L and Tension to create the most vibrant, heavy, light, mournful, uplifting, jazzy, metal, ambient, in your face sounds you didn’t know these instruments could make. Shake up your set with 60 mind warping presets that will keep you awake all night.

More information: Flintpope