Flintpope has announced it is offering its bundle of 6 Reaktor originals for free for a limited time.

The Reaktor 6-Pack includes:

  • DRUMBOX. A versatile drum-loop player/creator with bassline writer and atmospheric over-dubber. Flintpope DRUMBOX is a Reaktor device that can provide a quick sketchbook for making beats or as an improvisational live instrument as part of a performance set-up. All the sounds are accessible over a short keyboard range on midi channel one and it is easy to write new material.
  • ATMOS. Atmosphere creator for ambient soundscapes. Take 36 new Flintpope ambiences, rack them up in a Reaktor sampler with 17 controllable parameters. Then double them up to play against each other in a set of 1296 possible combinations. Then treat them with 8 master effects. Then you have Flintpope ATMOS for Reaktor 6.
  • A MEMORY OF LIGHT. Reaktorblocks synth with 40 moody presets. A Memory of Light is a new Flintpope Reaktor Blocks set featuring 40 sounds that bypass the usual waveform synthesis. Instead it combines a wind-synth oscillator with a noise generator through a pair of reverbs and a tape delay to create a mix of ethereal, powerful and lonely textures.
  • DROPSYNTH. Drag and drop sample player plus synth over-dubber. You get 36 presets that cover a range of sounds from swirling pads through beaty loops to grimy glitch. You can infinitely modify these sounds with your own samples and synth expertise.
  • WAVCLOUD. A collage of samples played through a grain-cloud. This ensemble is a pair of grain-resynth sample players (between them accessing 127 samples) that are routed through a cloud delay. Then there is a tempo-synched LFO, a filter and an envelope and a set of master FX: sub-bass, vinyl crackle, tape-hiss, reverb, chorus, frequency shift and a limiter. That’s WAVCLOUD.
  • FLINTPOPE 256. Improv-style live player of loops and atmos. A Reaktor 6 instrument for quickly making new beats, soundscapes, samples and musical sketches. This instrument contains 256 samples in two banks; one is a set of beats and the other is a set of ambient pads. Play them together to create new beats and new audio spaces.

The pack includes a bonus of 24 Photone presets and 24 Mikroprism presets by Flintpope, not available elsewhere.

The Reaktor 6-Pack is free until Sunday July 23rd, 2017, midnight GMT. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Flintpope