Flintpope has introduced its first small multipack for owners of Native Instruments Komplete.

FLINTKOMPLETE comprises three Kontakt instruments, two Reaktor ensembles and a set of presets for the Massive synthesizer instrument.

All sounds are Flintpope originals consisting of hundreds of samples and dozens of presets.

    • 1 BASS — Flintpope’s BASS for Kontakt offers sixteen deep, gravelly basses sampled and layered from Softube Modular for SUB, then mixed with Native Instruments Massive, Monark and Kontour: these things pack a punch and can twang too. Despite being synths, these presets may just bring out your inner Lemmy. Also available separately on-site.
    • 2 GIANT — Flintpope’s GIANT. Twelve presets that explore the haunting qualities of pianos treated to sound as if they have fallen down the stairs and into the basement. Unique to this release.
    • 3 UNA CORDA — Flintpope’s UNA CORDA enjoys utilising the immense detail available under the hood to create a sound-space that may never have been heard before. Here are twelve presets that try and squeeze some oddness out of this beautiful instrument. Unique to this release.
    • 1 POLYPLEX — Flintpope’s EUPHORBIA for POLYPLEX. Polyplex by Twisted Tools is an exciting way of producing original sounding drumkits; you have lots of samples, layer them up, tweak various parameters and fatten/feck them up with up to 18 quality FX. It occurred to me it was a piece of software wasted on MERE drums so I loaded 127 samples from my soundscape library (all Flintpope originals) and proceeded to immerse myself in the countless iterations that could be created with such a rich process.
      The end result is a set of 26 long, complex and sometimes surprising sounds that range from heavily dramatic to light and playful. These can be used in many styles of music as atmospheres, pads or stings and are all royalty-free. But don’t stop at just playing these presets. The joy of Polyplex is the flexibility and ease of use so you can change anything you want and make new things. EUPHORBIA has never been released before now and is currently only available as part of this bundle.
    • 2 DRUMLINES LOFI — Flintpope’s original ensemble for layering drumloops. This is a LOFI REFILL for Drumlines, a Reaktor 6 instrument consisting of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops that play against each other to create complex, textured beats. To use, just open DRUMLINES LOFI and hit the Space Bar on your computer to play. Everything’s loaded. DRUMLINES LOFI is 96 LOFI LOOPS: grainy beats with a ton of atmosphere and noises-off. If you like Mindsgn and Clark you may like these. This ensemble is also available for purchase separately.
  • MASSIVE — Flintpope’s Stereocake is a set of twenty-four new presets for MASSIVE that enjoy the unique morphing capabilities of the instrument. From basses through shuffled rhythmic pads to wide soundscapes, follow Flintpope’s journey into the brilliant sounds available in MASSIVE. Also available separately on-site.

FLINTKOMPLETE 1 is on sale for the intro price of $19.99 USD.

The upcoming FLINTKOMPLETE 2 will features more original Flintpope ensembles and presets for Razor, Form and Molekular.

More information: Flintpope